Laing House Masquerade


Do you remember when someone was there for you?

A person who understood. Who knew how to help you focus, worked with you on a plan and to just feel better. Someone who listened, didn’t judge and helped you solve a problem. A person who gave you hope. That’s what happens when you donate to One4One. Your gift of $1000 provides staff support and programming for a member when they need it most. Whether it’s learning to cope with symptoms of their mental illness, setting and reaching goals, learning skills for independence, being physically active or applying for a job. You can ensure that someone is there. Thank you for supporting One4One. You can also give to Laing House area of greatest need. 

Every dollar raised reflects the outstanding commitment of both our donors and the event volunteer committee, both of which make it possible! 

Donate via our secure form below.  If you have any trouble, try our Canada Helps page.