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Youth Speak

Did you know...

...1 in 5 Canadians will experience mental illness at some point in their life?

...1 in 3 people living with mental illness will not get the care they need?


This means you probably know someone in one or both situations.

Are they getting the help they need?


We need to start talking about this.

Most people are reluctant to talk about mental illness because they fear being met with stigma. Normalizing the conversation helps break down the barrier so those living with mental illness can feel more comfortable and open in their community.

The Youth Speak program is designed to continue the dialogue. By better informing people about mental illness we can begin to reduce the stigma that limits us.

Youth Speakers are all members at Laing House. The youth at Laing become part of a peer support community. They help one another through difficult times in a stigma-free environment, and learn to shape healthy conversation around their mental illness.

Invite us along to talk about these issues with you – at the dinner table, at book club, in a classroom or office setting, or at a special event!