Laing House Masquerade Ball


What’s Happening?

In July Laing House staff worked with the community to develop a Community Needs Assessment. This assessment provides us with information about where to focus our efforts to match the needs of the community members - expressed by youth, families, and community partners.

Check out the Community Needs Assessment infographic here!

thumb LHY NA infographic July 13 2018 Page 1 thumb LHY NA infographic July 13 2018 Page 2

Where Are We Now?

In August, Laing House Yarmouth began setting up a space in Pier 1. We hope to establish this as office space for staff, as a place to hold meetings, and as a gathering point for youth to join in some light program that will develop further over time.

As well as occasional programming, the focus is on forming a Youth Team that will meet to develop and test programming and services.

Staff continue to connect with community members to be part of a Family Support Group too,and are working with community partners to align efforts around understanding how to create and support collaborative programming and service offerings that support positive mental health.

This visual shows a draft of our timeline. Please note, dates may shift compared to below.

thumb Laing House Yarmouth Development Timeline