Laing House Masquerade Ball


About Laing House in Sackville

Laing House Sackville began with Friend Zone, a collaborative project between Laing House, IWK, and NSHA in 2016.  Throughout 2018 the partnership group took some time to review the program offering and began as participating in the Sackville Youth Centre development, the Den, which opened in November 2018.

Since the opening of The Den in November 2018, the FriendZone program has operated out of the youth drop-in space.  A new Community Support Worker, Quinn MacIsaac, has been hired and is supporting The Den’s daily operations, providing the Laing House peer support programming and finding ways to bring Laing House programs and peer support to locations outside of The Den.

Laing House wants tobe a part Sackville and surround community in the coming months and years. We believe youth in Sackville and the surrounding area can benefit from a positive, supportive and inclusive place where they can talk about mental health challenges and develop the skills they can use to lead productive and happy lives. We look forward to meeting and working with more community and business leaders so we can all join forces and support the mental wellness of youth.

More information:  Contact Quinn MacIsaac, Community Support Worker by text/call at 902-830-0387 or email