Laing House Masquerade Ball

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A Night in Espana

2014 Laing House Masquerade Ball, A Night in Espana

Travel with us to vibrant Spain and stir your soul with rhythmic flamenco, savory tapas and lively piazzas. Let passion overtake you, join the fiesta and dance the night away - olé!


A Night in Hollywood

2013 Laing House Masquerade Ball, A Night in Hollywood

Guests are greeted with the red carpet and cameras held ready to capture the golden age in famed black and white. Here, innocence, seduction and style are combined to create legendary moments in a world of iconic movies, inimitable voices and sophistication. Visit the place with magic in the air, where dreams are made and stars are born and we’ll meet you under the lights of the Hollywood sign.



A Night in Greece

2012 Laing House Masquerade Ball, A Night in Greece

Guests will be transported across the ocean to the serenity of Greek island life - gleaming white-washed houses, Azure blue domes, and tavernas dotting the rocky shoreline. Guests will feel the whisper and pull of ancient Greece as they are transported into island nightlife.

A Night in Rio

2011 Laing House Masquerade Ball, A Night in Rio

Join us as we travel to spectacular Rio de Janeiro for an exhilarating trip to one of the world’s most celebrated cities - a place famous for breathtaking beaches, dazzling entertainment and of course, Carnival. This special evening will be filled with exceptional wine, cuisine and entertainment, all in support of Laing House.


A Night in Paris

2010 Laing House Masquerade Ball, A Night in Paris

Welcome to the Laing House Masquerade Ball, A Night in Paris. We have reached one more stop on our journey to take this Ball ‘around the world’. And what a stop it is.


A Night in New York

2009 Laing House Masquerade Ball, A Night in New York

This year's theme is A Night in New York. Like Laing House, New York is a welcoming haven where people have shown resilience when faced with adversity. The elegant formality of the event reflects New York glamour.


A Modern Day Masquerade

2008 Laing House Masquerade Ball, A Modern Day Masquerade

Building on the success of the inaugural Laing House Masquerade Ball, A Modern Day Masquerade continues to unmask the stigma surrounding mental illness.


A Modern Day Masquerade

2007 Laing House Masquerade Ball, A Modern Day Masquerade

On October 27th, 2007 Laing House will create a very special Fund and awareness raising event to support Laing House - and to help remove the stigma that surrounds mental illness- to ‘unmask’ mental illness in our community. This black-tie (formal dress with mask) evening will include dinner, live music, and a live auction featuring fabulous items.